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  • J. Schnabel, H. Cartarius, J. Main, G. Wunner, W. D. Heiss
    PT-symmetric wave guide system with evidence of a third-order exceptional point
    Physical Review A, in press (2017)
    Preprint: PDF

  • L. Schwarz, H. Cartarius, Z. H. Musslimani, J. Main, G. Wunner
    Vortices in Bose-Einstein condensates with PT-symmetric gain and loss
    external link Physical Review A 95, 053613 (2017)
    Reprint: PDF

  • M. Klett, H. Cartarius, D. Dast, J. Main, G. Wunner
    Relation between PT-symmetry breaking and topologically nontrivial phases in the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger and Kitaev models
    external link Physical Review A 95, 053626 (2017)
    Reprint: PDF










  • H. Cartarius, T. Fabčič, J. Main, G. Wunner
    Dynamics and stability of Bose-Einstein condensates with attractive 1/r interaction
    external link Physical Review A 78, 013615 (2008)
    Reprint: PDF - Gzipped PostScript

  • H. Cartarius, J. Main, G. Wunner
    Discovery of exceptional points in the Bose-Einstein condensation of gases with attractive 1/r interaction
    external link Physical Review A 77, 013618 (2008)
    Reprint: PDF - Gzipped PostScript

  • G. Wunner, H. Cartarius, T. Fabčič, P. Köberle, J. Main, T. Schwidder
    Nonlinear Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates with Long-Range Interactions
    Proceedings of the "7th International Summer School/Conference LET'S FACE CHAOS THROUGH NONLINEAR DYNAMICS", CAMTP, University of Maribor, Slovenia, 29 June -- 13 July 2008, M. Robnik, V. Romanovski (Eds.)
    external link AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1076, pp. 282-291 (2008)
    Reprint: PDF - Gzipped PostScript
    Copyright (2008) American Institute of Physics. This article may be downloaded for personal use only. Any other use requires prior permission of the author and the American Institute of Physics.