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Hauptseminar in theoretical physics (ST 2015)

LecturersProf. Dr. Günter Wunner / Apl. Prof. Dr. Jörg Main / Priv.-Doz. Dr. Holger Cartarius
Preliminary discussionFri., 28.11.2014, 01:15 pm , ITP1 library 4.141 (NWZ II)
StartThu 16.04.2015
LocationSeminarraum 4.331 (NWZ II)
TimeThu. 03:45 pm - 05:15 pm
ContentThe Hauptseminar in Theoretischer Physik/Advanced Seminar in Physics has the title Theory of Elementary Particles

16.04.2015 Relativistic quantum mechanics: basic concepts and examples
Carl Fürderer, Presentation
Johannes Merz, Presentation
23.04.2015 Free relativistic fields and their quantisation
Jonas Binz, Presentation
Alejandro Ams. Gallo, Presentation
30.04.2015 Elementary interactions and perturbation theory
Marcus Matuschek, Presentation
S. Aaron McClendon, Presentation
07.05.2015 Quantum electrodynamics in lowest order
Manfred Beutel, Presentation
Nikolaj Ebensperger, Presentation
21.05.2015, 3:45 pm Higher orders of quantum electrodynamics
Sascha Kolatschek, Presentation
Florian Mörz, Presentation
21.05.2015, 5:30 pm Symmetry groups and systematic structure of the elementary particles
Nadine Kotzur, Presentation
Kai Langnau, Presentation
11.06.2015, 3:45 pm Abelian and non-Abelian gauge invariances
Jacob Fuchs, Presentation
Kai-Simon Guther, Presentation
11.06.2015, 5:30 pm Spontaneous symmetry breaking and massive gauge Bosons
Qingyu He, Presentation
Jan Schnabel, Presentation
18.06.2015 Weak interaction
Josephine Gutekunst, Presentation
Moritz Hirschmann, Presentation
25.06.2015 Electroweak interaction
Jonathan Stysch, Presentation
Philipp Scheiger, Presentation
02.07.2015 Hadrons and quantum chromodynamics
Lukas Schwarz, Presentation
Marcel Klett, Presentation
09.07.2015 Grand unified theories
Daniel Dizdarevic, Presentation
Sebastian Erfort, Presentation
16.07.2015 Quantum gravity and supergravity
Helmut Frasch, Presentation
Nikolas Abt, Presentation
23.07.2015 Do we need further fields? – Questions appearing in cosmology
Lukas Oberreiter, Presentation
Jonathan Luft, Presentation
Literaturesee "List of Talks" in section "Downloads"